Expert Bathroom Renovation Westboro, Ontario

On Point Renovations makes renovating your bathroom in Westboro much simpler with their team of expert professionals dedicated to modernizing outdated spaces into luxurious ones that you love using our stress-free renovation process. We know the significance of our role here at home; let us make this part of it simpler for you than ever!

With our expertise and attention to every detail, we ensure every element of the bathroom remodel goes off without a hitch – from initial planning through the final touches. Our goal is to design a bathroom that not only fulfils all your requirements but also brings joy every time it’s used! We take great pride in being efficient professionals who ensure we complete each remodel project seamlessly without creating inconvenience for you or disrupting daily routines.

At On Point Renovations, we understand the excitement and pleasure that accompany bathroom renovation can be an exciting adventure. That is why we make your experience enjoyable as we handle every aspect, leaving you to sit back and anticipate your new space – whether it’s fixtures needing updating, functionality tweaks or completely revamping design elements; On Point Renovations has you covered. Don’t let renovation stress be an impediment – contact us now for bathroom remodelling in Westboro and let us create the bathroom of your dreams together.

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Our Bathroom Renovation Services in Westboro, ON

Remodel and Renovation Services

Sometimes all it takes to transform your bathroom is an extensive makeover. We offer a complete package that covers vanities, countertops, sinks, faucets, bathtubs/showers/exhaust fans/ventilation tiling flooring painting etc – everything!

Our experts will collaborate closely with you to ensure we adhere to your design directions precisely. Should something arise that falls outside our expertise, we have several specialists ready and willing to step in if need be – giving you the freedom to dream big while we make sure it happens!

Partial Renovations

Not quite ready to commit to an overhaul? No worries; our experts provide partial remodel options like updating parts & repairs. Whether that involves sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and showers in particular – or simply fixing problems such as outdated plumbing in an older house – no matter the age – and are equipped to deal with even complex plumbing issues as we know quality plumbers who are on hand when needed.

Tile installation and painting projects can also be accomplished without needing full bathroom remodelling services.

Ventilate with Bathroom Fans & Ventilation Solutions

Bathroom fans are essential to your home’s ventilation system, helping eliminate odour, improve air quality, remove humidity/moisture levels, and prevent mildew/mould growth. By regularly replacing and inspecting ventilation in Westboro and throughout your home, replacing and updating ventilation fans will extend both their useful lifespan as well as your own.

GFCI plugs

All electrical outlets near water must contain Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), to help avoid accidental electrocution. We specialize in installing these protective plugs in bathrooms to meet regulations. If they need replacing, let us assist by installing them instead.

Electric Floor Heating

Floor heating has become more and more prevalent, especially in bathrooms. We possess both the knowledge and materials to install heated floors if this is of interest to you – just ask when we provide your free quote!