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Welcome to On Point Renovations. We are among the top flooring experts in Kanata Ontario. Locally operated and owned and with experience of over 15 years. Our team of experts will assist clients in determining precisely what they’re seeking and offer expert advice according to your preferences. We’ve got loyal clients and have earned it over time because we provide the best value for money.

Looking to revamp your floors in Kanata? Look no further! Our experienced flooring services offer a wide range of options to suit your style and budget. From hardwood to laminate, vinyl to tile, we’ve got you covered. Our specialist team will guide you through the process, from selection to installation, ensuring a seamless experience. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, leaving you with lovely, durable floors that you’ll love for years to come. Say goodbye to outdated flooring and hello to a fresh new look for your house with our trusted flooring services in Kanata! Our location is convenient to Kanata and nearby regions.

Flooring Installation in Kanata
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Best Kanata Flooring Services

A professional floor installation needs education and experience to create exactly what you need. Our experts at floor installation have decades of experience in installing anything from tiles and carpets, to hardwood floors as well as Linoleum. A variety of procedures need to be carefully executed and planned to achieve a perfect finish on your floor. Our approach comprises:

  • A review of your area and a comprehensive project outline along with a quote competitive to the market
  • Remove your existing flooring
  • Subfloor preparation is essential to guarantee the foundation is level and strong.
  • Installing an acoustic floor to block noise and vibration (optional)
  • The flooring installation includes tile, carpet, laminate flooring, hardwood, heated floors, and much much more!
  • Final touches: an attentive cleaning, and possibly baseboard installation

Our knowledgeable team of flooring professionals and floor installation experts is here to help you make the process easy. We’ll help you decide what materials to use, as well as the design and layout, and stay to your specifications. After we’ve created an outline of the plan for your project. We’ll get working and get your new floor professionally completed quickly!

Expert Installers for Durable, Stylish Flooring in Kanata, ON

Our expert installers are committed to providing the highest quality and making sure that the floors you select to put in are placed with care and precision, but also stand over time. We are aware of the importance of flooring that is installed correctly in changing the look and feel of the home or office.

From laminates to hardwoods and even vinyl, we offer a range of flooring options to suit your style and budget. A simple process that guarantees an effortless experience starting with consultation with us and continuing until finalizing the installation.

Our company is the ideal selection for flooring solutions as our expertise and professionalism make us different. We’re extremely confident of our record of trust, quality as well as a passion for every little detail. Improve your living space by using professional flooring installation at Kanata in which quality is matched with affordability. Get in touch with us for a free consultation. Let us help bring your dream into reality.

Flooring Services in Kanata
Hardwood Flooring Installation in Kanata

Trusted Hardwood Flooring Kanata, Ontario

Experience the stunning look of hardwood flooring at Kanata transforms your house by bringing timeless style and strength. Our team of experts brings your ideas to life by providing a variety of wood options that will fit your style and financial budget. From the classic oak to the rich maple, we will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth installation. By paying attention to every detail, we will deliver perfect results that increase the value and beauty of your living space. Discover the beauty and warmth of hardwood flooring Kanata made to stand the tests of time. It will bring long-lasting pleasure to your home.

Hardwood Flooring Kanata provides a classic, sturdy flooring option that can enhance the value and beauty of your house. It is easy to maintain and has an extended lifespan, wood flooring provides a clean and healthy atmosphere, which reduces allergens while improving the air quality in your home. Their warmth and style are a perfect match for any style of decor as their durable structure can stand up to high foot traffic and constant wear and tear. Feel the luxury and comfort of hardwood flooring. They have added appeal to your homes over the years.